Please ensure this is plugged into the wall, connected to an ethernet connection, speakers, and source devices are all connected. Once powered on, the power light on the front panel should light up blue or red. A blue (or red depending on connection speed) LAN light indicates the unit has connected to the network and has received the IP address. During the initial setup, it would be best to install the latest firmware before making your connections and any settings changes.  

The majority of the work is done via the web user interface. It's important to understand that all configurations are made here as this has control over your Zones, Inputs, General Settings as well as network firmware updates. Our best practice is to configure the MDX using the web user interface before moving on to ARC Genesis or setting up a Control System to ensure everything is configured properly for your systems needs. 

For extensive details on this, refer to Pages 12-19 of the user manual: